About the Author

THOMAS SMITH is a lawyer who serves as Assistant Attorney General for the state of Texas. A musician as well as a writer, he is married to Audrey Smith and has two stepchildren, Cole and Katherine as well as two ferocious felines, Ike, Jr. and Jinx. Thomas and his family reside in Addison, Texas.

Speaking about the book, Thomas says, “The Long Way Home” draws on the my experiences with my own pets growing up in a small town in southern Ohio. Those experiences are woven together in The Long Way Home to convey the bonds of love that are formed between children and animals at an early age. As a kid, I had a cat with a broken tail that we pulled out of a barn when I was about 9 years old. My mother, Nina Smith, gave me the idea for this book many years ago and I hope all who read it come away with a greater appreciation for the loving loyalty that our pets have to us.”